Maintenance and services
for your IHHT/IHT device

Maintenance & repair of your IHT device

INVATIO as an exclusive partner – 
certified and authorised for maintenance and repair of all IHHT/IHT devices from Telmed GmbH (hypoox, hypoxbreath, GECKO). 


Competent service in the DACH region by specialised and certified technicians.

Loaned devices for undisturbed operation (for an extra charge)

We recommend adhering to the following maintenance intervals for all IHHT/ IHT devices from Telmed GmbH:

Minor maintenance

Major maintenance

Important note: Worn, defective and inadequately maintained medical devices can not only lead to limitations in the quality of treatment and patient care, but also cause damage to health for which the manufacturer assumes no liability.

The device warranty requires proof of proper maintenance on the device!

Malfunction and failures can be avoided

Regular maintenance of our IHHT/IHT devices is a basic prerequisite for flawless functionality as well as for long-term preservation of value and service life beyond the warranty period. Do not wait for malfunctions to occur.

Manufacturer authorisation

Invatio is a certified partner of Telmed GmbH for the sale of interval hypoxia-hyperoxia/normoxia training devices.

Telmed Hersteller Zertifikat

Service and maintenance

hypoxbreath on-site maintenance

hypoxbreath - Ihr IHHT/IHT-Trainingsgerät

Our technicians carry out timely maintenance of your IHHT/IHT devices in accordance with the specifications of Telmed GmbH and in compliance with legal regulations. Depending on the scope of the device maintenance, it is carried out at the customer’s premises or at INVATIO. If necessary, we will take care of the collection and return delivery of your IHHT/IHT device (hypoox, hypoxbreath, GECKO).

hypoxbreath loan service for undisturbed operation in your practice

hypoxbreath - Ihr IHHT/IHT-Trainingsgerät

If your IHHT/IHT device needs repairing due to a defect, you have the opportunity to commission a loaned device for a fee in order to maintain your usual practical operations without disruption. Briefing your employees in how to operate the rental device is included in the rental fee.

Remote maintenance in the event of problems with hypoxbreath® software

hypoxbreath - Ihr IHHT/IHT-Trainingsgerät

If you have problems with our software (the hypoxbreath app), our technicians will help you swiftly and easily by means of remote maintenance. You PC/notebook/tablet or mobile phone needs to have an Internet connection. Remote maintenance is carried out using Teamviewer. Please install this app/software in advance on the device via which the remote maintenance is to be carried out.

How to reach us:

You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on: +49 (0) 36082 847882

Or send us an email (we will get back to you promptly):             




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